The Year in Review for 2022

Hi folks!,

So 2022 has come to an end and I want to thank everyone who dropped by the site, signed up for the first time, or shared some Kwanzaa joy with the Children this season. It’s time for me to work out what directions to take in the new year. I have some ideas already, of course, but it’s always good to take a look at the past year in order to get a feel for what’s next. So here’s my Year in Review for 2022.

Bringing the Nguzo Saba to Life

I never thought I’d be moving toward full animation at this point. It wasn’t anything I had on my mind but I do like to tinker 🙂 The piece I completed last January of Kuji’s waving flag was the extent of my abilities at the time. I tried a few more animated pieces through the year. I tried different techniques and software. Then I challenged myself to learn learn Blender’s NLA editor and create videos of all seven characters celebrating Kwanzaa for the end of the year. A lot of work but I learned to string together animated sequences, add background images and animated titles using Blender and DaVinci Resolve.

Check all of the Children’s Kwanzaa ’22 videos here


Girl Group in the hood Lo Res characters-heavyLo rez characters-fit    Lo rez characters-thin

Not every piece of artwork I do is for public consumption. Sometimes I just experiment in what I consider 3D sketches. Here are some experiments with creating low resolution extras for upcoming scenes with sliders to adjust body shape. Please ignore the bald heads on some characters, hair is optional, lol.


Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth was made a national holiday in 2022. It’s an important holiday celebrating one of the most pivotal events in African American history. I never pass up a chance to render one of the heroic Negro Troops that put their lives and freedom on the line for the benefit of our people. Ujima fit the bill with his dedication to Collective Work and Responsibility.

Comic Strips

Ujamaa's Job Interviews. 7/22/02

I’m really eager to tell more stories about Kinara’s Children. I like the comic strip form because these short little gags are relatively quick to produce. I’ve done a few. Not all have been posted but I hope to make time for more if get a decent response. They’ll only be found on my website for the time being. Find more strips here

Bedtime Stories

Nia's Bedtime Stories

I did manage to squeeze a full illustration or two in at some point last year. Little Nia is friends with all creatures large and small. Looks like she’s gathered an audience.

A Big Thank You!

I really appreciate all those who contributed to the project by purchasing some cards, books, or other merch. It really helps me keep things going and bringing more art and stories to all. New this year are my Seven Principles cards. They join the Activity Cards and Kwanzaa Coloring Book in my store.

Hey, that’s quite a bit of work in 2022, I thought I’d been slacking but maybe not. 😎

Thanks again I hope 2023 is prosperous and joyful for everyone!

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