Starting a Movement: Kwanzaa 2022

Kwanzaa ’22 is upon us and it’s time to celebrate. This year’s theme is movement and is all about fun and putting our cares away. The Children find a way to celebrate no matter where they are or whatever they happen to be doing and we were fortunate to catch them in the act. So put on your headphones and turn up the bass.

Stay tuned! I’ll be adding more throughout the week.

Music: “Floating Home” by Brian Bolger

Music: “Addis Ababa” by The Mini Vandals 

Music: “Cash Machine” by Anno Domini Beats 

Musical Artist: Dan Lebowitz | Track: Tiptoe Out the Back


Musical Artist: Nico Staf | Track: Brooklyn and the Bridge
Musical Artist: French Fuse | Track: India Fuse


Musical Artist: Ofshane | Track: Road Tripzzz


Soundtrack: “Sneaky Bass Latina”- Jimmy Fontanez, Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions

Production Notes

These videos were created in Blender3d and finished in DaVinci Resolve. I used animations imported from Mixamo and retargeted them in Blender using Auto Rig Pro. Musical selections are noted under each video.

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