More in ’24: Looking Back & Moving Forward

Hi folks. I can’t believe it’s already three weeks since the new year. I hope yours is starting out on a positive note. I want to thank everyone who stopped by throughout 2023. Especially those who took the time to comment, like, or share my work online and spread the spirit of Kwanzaa. I’m especially grateful to those who come by year after year and have made Kinara’s Children: Everyday Heroes part of their yearly celebration. 🥰 I never dreamed that my artistic thought experiment would be so well received. 👏🏾👏🏾  Just wanted to let you know that I’m planning more in ’24 and ready to get to work.

Watch and Learn

Before we move on I just wanted to hip you to this video where I sit down with my good friend Hiram Akeem. Hiram hosts the podcast Mecca Media Morning Show. This vid is from last month as we spoke of getting “Kwanzmatic” with the Seven Principles and my latest book Nia’s Special Day.

Closing the decade

I first introduced Kinara’s Children in November 2014 so I’m in the midst of my 10th year with this project. Below is an early rendition of the characters followed by one of my latest. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit but I’ll be bringing you “More in ’24” to celebrate the occasion.

early Kinara's Children image

2014 first draft of “The Children”

Group shot. Cropped

Current group shot of the crew

I spent most of 2023 working on Nia’s Special Day, my first picture book and something I’ve wanted to do, literally, for decades. It was a tough grind but I’m pleased and proud to present it to the public. It sets the stage for what I expect it to be the first of many other books. So go ahead and check it out. Hope you enjoy it.

The book is 32 pages of beautiful, full-color, full page art and story. It’s Available on Amazon and Etsy in print or ebook formats. 

It’s suitable for youngsters ages 4-9 but hey, older folks might dig it too!. 

Nia's Special Day book banner


More in ’24

I have a bunch of ideas going forward… as usual, but I’m still figuring out what to focus on. Here’s some thoughts off the top of my head:
  • More comic strips
  • The Art of Kinara’s Children paperback
  • Another picture book
  • A calendar 
  • YouTube vids focusing on African American children’s books
  • Egyptian themed art
That said, I do want to let people know that I happily accept donations. This work requires not just time but quite a bit of software, bandwidth, and various materials. So if you’re so inclined and would like to help keep things going, you can ☕️Buy me a Coffee
Or you can pick up an item or two at my Etsy store:
Every little bit helps keep things running smoothly as we ride off to the next decade 🐪🐪. I’ve got “More for ’24” and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of what comes next.

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