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Nia’s Special Day follows Nia and her mom as they search the neighborhood for dad.  He had promised Nia a special surprise but when they woke up he was gone. We get to meet the Everyday Heroes around her, and find out more about what they do.This is a book about family, perseverance, and surprise.

Will they track down our wandering troubadour? Did he forget his promise to Nia? Well, you’ll have to read along to find out!

The book is 32 pages of beautiful, full-color, full page art and story. It’s available on Amazon in print and ebook. It’s suitable for youngsters ages 4-9. 


Available on Amazon
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Nia's Title Spread

Welcome to Nia’s neighborhood

Nia’s Special Day is inspired by the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa (the Nguzo Saba). It continues with the Kinara’s Children: Everyday Heroes goal of highlighting the everyday people in our community who do their best to contribute to our collective well being throughout the year. It features appearances from our usual cast: Umoja, Ujima, Kuji, Ujamaa, Kuumba, Imani, and of course, Nia herself.

Nia's Ujamaa Spread

Ujamaa keeps customers enthralled with his witty banter and delicious burgers. Tip: Get the value deal with soda and chips.


KC Kwanzaa Coloring Book coverNia’s Special Day is created by humans for humans with tender loving care. It is the second paperback I’ve produced for these characters. You can find Kinara’s Children Kwanzaa Coloring Book at Amazon as well. While this project is based on the principles of Kwanzaa I’m sure the storybook and coloring book can be enjoyed throughout the year. 

Nia's Ujima Spread

Ujima gets the kids off their devices by putting them to work. What kid wouldn’t volunteer to help build a playground for all to enjoy?

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