The Funky Fourth Dimension: Kinara’s Children in Motion.

I didn’t think 2022 would be the year I put the Children in motion, it’s just turned out that way so far. Combining images and text with music just make me feel good inside. I hope they make you feel good as well.

Kinara’s Children has a YouTube channel now! I’ve been dropping stuff in when I can. These little clips are fun to do, relatively quick, and kinda mellow. I’m trying different things; animation, motion graphics, slide shows, etc., and finding new ways to present Kinara’s Children.  Stop by our channel if you get a chance. A like or subscribe always helps.


JANUARY-time to refocus

We move into the new year with determination and hope. These inspirations are everlasting, but sometimes we have to recharge and refocus on our goals.

note: experimentation with simulation of motion in cloth using Blender3D 


FEBRUARY-A month of Black history

This is a month of learning and rejoicing. Umoja looks forward to this time of year with great anticipation.

note: I’m learning to animate the Children. I don’t know where it will lead me but eager to take the ride.


MARCH-A Luta Continua, our struggle, and our history continue

Recent attacks on CRT (Critical Race Theory) quickly morphed into attacks on black history itself. We consider that an attack on Black people. Kuji’s not having it!

note: many books from Kuji’s Bookshelf have been banned by various school boards around the country. It’s about time to purchase and read even more. 


APRIL-Spring has sprung, it’s time for fun in our neighborhood

Kinara’s Children, and people like them, live in black communities around the country and around the world. It’s a beautiful sunny day in our neighborhood and everybody loves the sunshine.

note: maybe the easiest way to put the Children in motion is through a basic slideshow. I’m in the process of creating the Children’s neighborhood and the various background characters who live there. Slideshows are a simple way of showing that off.



Thanks for coming by to visit everyone. I appreciate all those that stop in and those that come back frequently.

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