Kwanzaa 2021, year in review

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and happy post-Kwanzaa to all. Whether you celebrated in person, remotely, or at home with family, the spirit still moves and the Seven Principles remain in full effect. I’m generally a fairly self-deprecating individual. I try not to take myself too seriously or boast about my skills or talent. As I review Kwanzaa 2021 and the year leading up to it, however, I’ll have to pat myself on the back just a little bit.

It was a tough year. Along with the seemingly never-ending covid epidemic, we also had racial unrest, a spike in inflation, and the usual political turmoil. Personally, I lost my father in February and my mom came down with covid at the beginning of December. She’s was flat on her back for weeks. She’s doing much better now though and is due to be released from the hospital any day now. I need to thank my older brother as well for being a rock while we were in a hard place and staying on the hospital staff to get information and proper care for mom.

Kinara’s Children Kwanzaa Coloring Book

However, between those two events, I was able to complete my first book. The Kinara’s Children Kwanzaa Coloring Book is now available at Amazon. I spent the last year or so breaking down my 3D renderings into simple outlines and it’s a lot of work to make something so complex and technical look so simple. Added to that was wading through Amazon’s maze of rules and restrictions to get the book online and available for sale. I’ve now been there and done that. I expect it to be the first of many. Good work D!

Kwanzaa 2021

The book was completed in November and as Kwanzaa approached, I figured I’d just repost previous work. But I’d had a notion all year. I wanted to finally put the Children in more traditional garb such as we (used to) see at our in-person Kwanzaa celebrations. I had already done some preliminary work but didn’t know if I could get all seven finished, especially with family matters to attend to. But I decided to wade in. I spent the better part of each day of Kwanzaa frantically finalizing each image. I worked harder on my vacation, I believe, than any single week at my regular job. I believe it was worth the effort and while each image involved some compromises for time, they were well accepted by the community and that’s what counts in the end. We’re finally seeing them in their full cultural regalia. I like to finish what I start and I did the dang thing. Good work D!

Now Available

These images are now available on this site through Fine Art America and are available as prints as large as 36″ X 48″ as well as on various merchandise. 

What’s next? I can tell you stories. In fact, I think I WILL be telling you stories: urban fables and modern mythology as I bring the Children to life. Expect to see more photo-realistic images and a more focused approach. The Children are hitting their stride and about to up their game. Stay tuned.

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