Wakanda Fashion: Nia’s Black Panther Dreams

Nia's Black Panther Dreams. kinaraschildren.comI’ve been a Black Panther fan for a very long time, dating back to the 70’s. Even though I was excited to learn of the recent, most excellent film just released I figured I wouldn’t be able to make any fan art because I’ve been totally focused on my ongoing project, Kinara’s Children.

Well never say never, because it turns out that little Nia is a fan too. So I thought I’d whip up this little costume using Blender (natch), and hook Nia up with an early Halloween outfit. The mask is actually a reworking of my Ninja Cat mask.

These are WiPs as I work out my final finished piece. There’s more Black Panther goodness to come. I can’t wait to show Nia creeping through the neighborhood fighting crime (or at least bad manners), and making her community a better place. I think Nia’s as excited as I am!


Nia's Black Panther Dreams. kinaraschildren.com Nia's Black Panther Dreams. kinaraschildren.com

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