Fall Update: Ujamaa Triptych

Hi folks. I haven’t posted in a very long time. I think the social media grind plus too many projects have been wearing me down a bit. Or maybe it’s a delayed reaction to the pandemic. In any case I know my public output has been slim, but not for a lack of working. For the last few months I’ve just been creating, trying new techniques, and just enjoying the process instead of allowing various the algorithms that insist I populate their platform with constant uploads and posts lead me. I’ve actually done a good bit of work and learned some new techniques. My regrets if any of you are feeling abandoned but rest assured that more art and ideas are on the way. 

Ujamaa, The Entrepreneur

The image above is part of an informal series; three images of a Kinara’s Children character with three words or phrases to describe them. This is known in the art world as a triptych. I love these characters and always want to know and show more about them. Today’s subject is Ujamaa:

Ujamaa is a money maker, a job creator, a mover, a shaker, a giver and taker. He works as a student (his day job), concessions vendor, newsletter publisher, financial advisor, and all around hustler. Along with his teenage cohorts Ujamaa is like a modern day Mansa Musa, creating wealth wherever he goes. All day. Every day. Twice on Sundays

Previous entries are Umoja and Imani,

Umoja_Is graphic

Imani graphic with quote-Peace

Yeah, all three of these look quite a bit different. That’s what happens when you create them years apart. Hopefully they’re getting better.

Bonus picNia stamp for merch

And here’s your bonus pic. Testing this style for application on T-Shirts and other merchandise; mugs, bags, pillows, etc., you get the drift. And of course, if this one prints out alright I’ll do the other six. I wonder if Dr. Karinga ever considered four principles rather than seven. It would have saved me a lot of time, lol.

Stay tuned.

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