Habari Gani? (What’s the News?)

It’s Kwanzaa Time

It’s my favorite time of the year. Each day we ask the question “Habari Gani?” meaning “what’s the news?” and respond with the name of the principle of the Nguzo Saba that’s for that day. I’ll be adding graphics for all seven principles throughout the week as I create them. So stay tuned.

Habari Gani? (What's the News?)


December 26: Umoja! Habari Gani?

Umoja Habari Gani


December 27: Kujichagulia! Habari Gani?

Kuji-Habari Gani


December 28: Ujima! Habari Gani?

Ujima-Habari Gani


December 29: Ujamaa! Habari Gani?

Ujamaa Habari Gani


December 30: Nia! Habari Gani?

Nia Habari Gani


December 31: Kuumba! Habari Gani?

Kuumba Habari Gani


January 1: Imani! Habari Gani?

Imani Habari Gani


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