Faces of Umoja: A Study

The next to get the expressions treatment is Umoja, the Mother, wife to Kuumba and mother of Nia. Good to see her let it all out as she’s probably the most emotional of all the Children. 

There are six basic expressions. I look at them as related in twos. So we have:
Joy and Sadness
Anger and Disgust
Surprise and Fear

There are certainly others but these are the basics that I’m doing for each character. I added in two more that I call Selfie and Shy Girl, plus her basic expression that I call Resting Toon Face. That’s a total of nine Faces of Umoja.

Once I have these complete they can be dialed up or and mixed for other expressions. Should save me time in the future.

Click any image for a slide show of Umoja’s emotions.

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