Trick! or Treat?


Kuji’s ready to Party!

Black Panther Party: 50 years 1966–2016
Background posters by Emory Douglas

Huey NewtonThis image is a play off the iconic photo of Huey Newton from back in their heyday. I’ve had this idea in my head for quite some time and had slowly collected props and such to use in it. Somehow it took until the end of the month for me to connect the dots: October 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Panthers founding so why not send Kuji to the Halloween party dressed as a Black Panther. It’s sure to send shivers and chills down the spines of the sleepwalking masses. What fun!

You’ll notice Kuji holding a book rather than a gun. A much more dangerous weapon and sure to attract the attention of the authorities. Don’t worry Kuji, we got your back.

The image is finished off with the posters handing on the wall. These were created by Emory Douglas, the Panthers Minister of Culture who created the iconic graphics for the Black Panther Newspaper. Definitely an inspiration and influence on my work. Check out his work here


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