Co-Operative Economics: Ujamaa’s Moveable Feast

Ujamaa's Movable Feast



Food for Thought

Summer’s almost over and school is about to start. Ujamaa’s made the most out of his vacation though. First thing in the morning or late at night you can find Ujamaa or his trusted associate shlepping burgers from his food cart with a side of the latest news. Actually, his food cart operation is fully loaded with burgers, chips, and various types of juice and soda pop. Need a veggie burger? He’s got that too, plus organic chips and Umoja’s special hummus dip. While you’re eating pick up a copy of Ujamaa’s paper NeighborHood News, written by locals and distributed by his schoolmates. Ujamaa’s hustle never stops and his dedication to co-operative economics means that the more the community is involved the better.

Summer job? I don’t think so. How about a summer of building his brand and week over week growth?

Ujamaa’s Pride and Joy

Ujamaa’s food cart is his pride and joy. He saved up for it using earnings from his various hustles. At 14 he’s still too young to drive but he dotes over that food cart like a middle-aged man with a new hot rod. 

  • Constructed of tough, highly-polished stainless steel with a custom paint job
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Individual flame adjusters
  • Auto-locking control knobs
  • Quick switch dual-stage propane connector and regulator
  • 12 inch “Fat Boy” rims
  • Up to “3 Kid Power”, depending how many kids he can get to help push it
  • Air conditioning (if there’s a breeze outside)

It’s the whip!!

All the News that Fit to Print (and some that aren’t)

Ujamaa started his paper, NeighborHood News at the ripe old age of 11. People like to know what’s going on in their community and he saw that a need wasn’t being met. At the time, It was just a single tabloid sized sheet folded in half. Now it’s multiple pages with sports, politics, entertainment, and a bit of gossip thrown in for fun (gotta give the people what they want!). He takes ads from local businesses and hires local talent to write and layout the paper. He’s also recruited a team of young folk to distribute the paper and drum up more advertising. Co-operative economics requires… cooperation. Everybody benefits. Everybody gets paid.


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